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Eric Baillies

Commercial portrait, about me
Commercial Photographer / artist

As a freelance photographer with 10 years experience my relationship with photography and people continues to grow.  Photography is a tool of engagement for me in which I use to communicate and connect with other people.  

My bachelors in Marketing from UW La Crosse and my business experiences out of college provide me a competitive advantage that serve the entire process start to finish.  

With proper communication, vision and technical experience I work directly with clients to execute the vision of each project.  Timeliness, professionalism and client satisfaction are guaranteed or you don't pay a dime.  One of my favorite sayings is "If you're not happy, I'm not happy."  And don't believe you should have to pay for something you don't want.   

Having grown up with photography with a dark room in my basement with a father as a chemist and avid shooter my passion and interests in photography have always been present for as long as I can remember.  

I've continued to learn and explore new avenues of photography as other forms of communication by producing 19th Century photographic techniques as art and commissions.  I have gained this information from practicing with a true master and process historian, Mark Osterman at the George Eastman House, in Rochester NY.  

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Madison Public Library / 2018

Overture Center / 2017

Madison Centennial / 2017

Edgewood College / 2016

Sundance Cinemas / 2016

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